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Welcome to the WA NILS Loan Application

WA NILS Loans are available up to $1500 and can only be used to purchase household essential items and services (click here for more details).

Before you register or complete a WA NILS Loan Application you should know that you will be required to provide documentation as evidence to support your application and what you have told us. These items may include:

The loan application process

  • Centrelink Income Statement
  • Healthcare Card, Pension Card or Veterans Affairs Card
  • Copies of Your Utility Bills (most recent)
  • Proof of Your Current Accommodation/Residence
  • Last 3 Months Bank Statements for ALL Bank Accounts/Credit Cards/Mortgages
  • A 30 Day Quote from a Retailer or Service Provider
  • Any Other Documents That Prove Your Income, Expenses or Debts

Once WA NILS has received all your application and supporting documents we will process your application. WA NILS will keep you informed of the progress via email and may get in touch with you to clarify details provided.

If your application is approved, WA NILS will send you a Centrepay Deduction Form to complete and return to us. Once we have received this form WA NILS will pay the retailer/service provider directly and notify both yourself and the retailer/service provider. Please note all electronic payments do take a couple of business days to appear in the retailer/service provider’s account.

Please note that a WA NILS Loan can’t be used for the following:

  • Cash Loans
  • To Pay Bills
  • To Pay Rent or Bond
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Holidays
  • Food

Should you have any difficulties with your application or just need to ask a question, don’t hesitate to give us a call directly on 9263 2199.

If you haven't already registered, click on the "Register Now" button below. 

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